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What’s in a Name: Grow Your List for a Stronger Marketing Campaign

nicole2Your e-mail campaign is only as valuable as the number of eyes that see it. Even the most innovative, captivating marketing campaign will be limited by the number of people exposed to the content. While many marketers understand the importance of perfecting creative or analyzing the impact of a subject line, growing your list or adding to the database should remain a constant priority.  To Fishbowl’s Senior Product  Manager for Guest Acquisition, Nicole Tabatabai, it’s essential to constantly keep in mind this one simple fact:

Your database is a revenue engine. Consequently, every name in your database is an ongoing revenue generator.

There’s a saying straight from the Talmud: “save a life, save the whole world.” You can apply the same concept to your list. Sell yourself to one loyal guest, and there’s a world of sales at your disposal. Within one person there’s an endless source of potential that can grow exponentially. Each name in your database represents that potential — an interested individual who is willing to be engaged.  And with the rise of social media sharing, that potential can go viral within minutes.  A guest might refer your restaurant to a spouse, or a colleague, or a friend, who in turn might recommend you to their Facebook or Twitter networks.  

mrBowlerManThe “hard part” is already over. These guests elected to be on your mailing list and receive your communications. All you need to do is complete the sale by engaging them, whether through a coupon, a new menu item, or another type of promotion. The more promotions you send out, the more likely you’ll convert engagement into revenue.  

In a blog to come, we’ll share Fishbowl results that illustrate how a name in your database is an ongoing revenue generator.