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Fishbowl Identifies the Top 30 Emerging Brands of 2017

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — March 24, 2017 – Fishbowl, the leading provider of Restaurant Decision Sciences and 1:1 Marketing Automation, yesterday released its annual “Emerging Brands” report, identifying brands best positioned... more

Fishbowl’s Emerging Brands 2017 Featured by CNBC

Fishbowl’s Emerging Brands 2017, featured by CNBC, highlights the top 30 restaurants predicted to dominate the industry in 2017. The annual Emerging Brands report features restaurants who exhibit a strong promise of... more

Fast Casual Highlights Fishbowl in New C-Speak Videos

In their new C-Speak video series, Fast Casual interviews Mike Lukianoff, Chief Analytics Officer at Fishbowl, about the value of using a data-driven approach to marketing. Watch the full series on... more

Fishbowl Weighs In on Fast Casual’s Fresh Marketing Tips for 2017

Dev Ganesan, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Prem Kiran, Chief Strategy Officer, provided guidance in Fast Casual’s “Standing out in 2017: How to Implement 4 Fresh Marketing Tips” on the... more DC Highlights Symphony Technology Group’s Acquisition of Fishbowl DC highlights Fishbowl’s acquisition news in an article titled “Fishbowl serves up big data for restaurant companies.” In the write-up, Dev Ganesan, Chief Executive Officer of Fishbowl, discusses how this... more