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Case Study: Use A/B Split Test to Optimize Guest Acquisition via Web Sign Up

thomasWhile best practices for guest acquisition point to a multi-channel focus, web sign ups are particularly important for restaurant marketers.  Members acquired this way are by definition highly motivated and consequently are more likely to have higher levels of engagement.  Thus investments in optimizing the experience are almost always worthwhile.  For this family dine client, web sign ups were the primary channel to grow their eClub across all brands.   With this knowledge of the client’s strategy, Fishbowl’s Thomas Greene, Online Marketing Consultant, saw an opportunity to increase membership growth. He decided to improve the web sign up experience.

Thomas and his team took a look at the client’s existing light box – i.e. a pop up box – that promoted web sign ups, and he recognized that the design did not follow Fishbowl’s  best practices. He proposed an A/B split test and Google Analytics to measure the response rates to each design.  The following tactics were used:

  • The team increased the size of the light box substantially, making it more prominent and dominating more screen space.
  • The copy on the light box was updated to make the eClub experience more enticing. The Welcome Offer was explicitly added to ensure the guest would know a reward is waiting once sign up is completed.
  • The team increased the size of the call to action button and revised the text to be much more direct.




Although the test was supposed to run for three months, there was a clear winner within the first month.  Fishbowl’s new version of the light box had 135% more signups, representing 4,000+ new members, than the older version. The test was discontinued and the client switched all of its sign up pages to the new design.  Going forward, Fishbowl intends to test additional designs to continue optimizing the client’s web sign up experience and position them to maximize eClub engagement.