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Case Study: Adding an Incentive to the Welcome Offer to Drive List Growth

We have worked with many clients to optimize their Welcome emails, whether to increase guest engagement, to maximize redemptions, or to reach a marketing goal within a specific timeframe, such as the first 90 days of membership.  For this fast casual franchisor, guest acquisition was the business objective. The client had been running a Welcome promotion offering new members an opportunity to enter a contest, but the results were lackluster.

post_welcomeOfferWhen they turned to Fishbowl’s Online Marketing Specialist Sarah Langan for help, she analyzed the options. To her, the best plan would involve adding a discount coupon to enhance the Welcome offer. She suggested to the client they test a Welcome email with an offer and see whether the extra incentive would increase the take rate.  And then she and her team put together an aggressive social media campaign built around Fishbowl’s best practices to promote it.  Here’s what they did:

  • They created a new Welcome offer that included a “dollars off” coupon, plus the original opportunity to enter the contest.
  • The team created a sense of urgency by running the promotion was for a limited time.
  • The team promoted the offer widely — on the client’s homepage and email sign up page, as well as across the client’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr).

welcomeOffer_salesCardThe results were remarkable, once again demonstrating the value of experimenting with the Welcome message.  New member signups grew by 2,735% compared to the previous month.   Equally significant, 24% of the total current list size joined during this promotional period.  But guest acquisition is just the beginning of the process for restaurant marketers.  The challenge going forward for the client is two-fold:


  • To retain and leverage these guests to generate ongoing revenues.
  • To conduct guest acquisition campaigns on a regular basis, ensuring that the list remains an engine for growing sales and profitability.